Garage for trucks & trailer construction

H. Nijdam logistics is your specialist in technical services in the logistics field. We provide service, maintenance and periodic testing of trucks for transport companies, and custom builds of all types of trailers and semi-trailers.

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Garage for trucks

Our own garage is specialised in professional maintenance, repair and periodic testing of trucks. In this workshop, we not only maintain our own fleet of trucks, but are also pleased to provide our fellow transport companies with a complete range of excellent services.

Construction of NBT-Zwalve trailers and semi-trailers

NBT-Zwalve trailers build all types of custom trailers and semi-trailers at a very keen price. The cleverly constructed NBT-Zwalve trailers have great reserve capacity, a long working life, low maintenance costs and high residual value. A NBT-Zwalve trailer offers superior stability thanks to doubling of the support base, while the optimum suspension comfort of the patented NBT pneumatic suspension minimises the risk of transport damage. NBT-Zwalve trailers and semi-trailers are suitable for one-sided loading and have flexible interior design options.

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