Rental of cranes and business premises

As a supplementary service, H. Nijdam logistics offers you a range of rental options. We are your supplier of choice for the rental of business facilities, optionally in combination with services in the field of logistics and forwarding.

Direct contact

Rental of crane with driver

Are you looking for a mobile crane with driver? Our hoisting company offers a wide range of hoisting cranes and auxiliary equipment.  All our professional and experienced drivers have the necessary certification and diplomas. This is your guarantee that your hoisting work is conducted safely and effectively. All our cranes and equipment are approved annually in accordance with all statutory norms and requirements.

Rental of business premises

Do you need some extra space temporarily? We rent out part of our business premises at Peizerweg in Groningen, for temporary storage, outdoor work or the placement of units, for example. We would be pleased to tell you about the options.

Rental of storage space

We can also assist you with the rental of storage space. We rent out these cubic metres either 'empty' or including facilities in the form of warehousing, always at excellent rates.

Rental of offices

We can provide rented office space for your company. The options include a long-term lease or temporary rental. This office space can be found on our site at Peizerweg in Groningen: a central, excellently accessible location in the northern Netherlands, on a dynamic business park. Our offices are equipped with all the necessary facilities.

Vrijblijvende offerte aanvragen

Heeft u een vraag of wilt u direct een offerte aanvragen? Neem dan vrijblijvend contact met ons op vie het formulier. We nemen dan zo spoedig mogelijk contact met u op!