Warehousing, storage & transshipment and logistic project management

Storage, handling and management of your goods is in safe hands. Our employees are qualified, dedicated and experienced. Their expertise and our quality care are your guarantee that you can safely leave your valuable items in our hands.

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We offer five thousand square metres of facilities for professional warehousing of a wide range of products, varying from pallets or big bags to vats or containers. We have an excellent Warehouse Management System at our disposal, enabling us to keep accurate control of all information on your goods, so that we can always inform you on request.

Storage and transshipment of goods

Thanks to our advanced facilities and plenty of space for storage and transshipment, we offer a total solution for your complete transport process, as your one-stop logistics partner. Repacking, packaging, stock management, labelling and distribution: whatever you need, we can provide you with complete tailored storage, transshipment and processing. Lines of communication are short, your contact person is quick and easy to reach.

Logistic project management

As your logistic chain partner, we provide full services for your logistic processes, as required. Whatever your branch, our project management can take care of all your logistic issues: we ensure that all products are delivered to the agreed location at the required time.

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